Targeted solutions

Main physical barriers of the target populations related to clothing, footwear and orthotics will be measured and studied throughout the first project year.

Europe-wide stakeholders will contribute to this exercise and include National associations for people with disabilities, diabetic and elderly people as well as clinical networks of geriatricians, podiatrists, physiotherapists and orthopedic technicians.

The objective is to acquire broad knowledge and access to highly-individualized-needs, such as dysfunctions of the thermoregulatory system, sweat, skin sensitivity to pressures and shear forces as well as general skin health, etc.  

Morphologic and functional design criteria for personalized footwear, clothing and Orthotics will be generated and used to design products which will be nvestigated for fit & comfort in real uses contexts

Enabling automatic matching of the target people needs with product functional properties applied in both design and manufacturing will create fashion goods, for target solutions.